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We introduce DUSN Lifestyle, DUSN stands for ‘’De United Social Network’’ formed in the year 2016, with a vision to enrich and inspire a positive Lifestyle. We have been started in MALAYSIA and NOW helping members all over Asia in 15 countries (MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE, INDIA, INDONESIA, PHILIPHINE, THAILAND, VIETNAM, COMBODIA, NEPAL, MYAMMAR, SRI LANKA, TAIWAN, SOUTH KOREA, LAOS, and CHINA) and today DUSN Lifestyle is growing toward all over the World to the other 6 continents towards the year 2020. We firmly believe that every human deserves a chance to make something of themselves, by providing them with Opportunities to Educate them and Imparting Good Values and Life Skills to change to Better Lifestyles toward a SMART WORLD, We wish that they would be inspired to pursue their aspirations to Help SHARE with others to Improve in their Lifestyles.
We choose Travel & Tour Concept as our main areas to be a part of our Community Service to Help People all over the WORLD, DUSN Lifestyle created Financial Assistance Fund (FAF) “HELP PROGRAM FUND” providing financial assistance for People become our Affiliate Members with millions of people around the WORLD, who don’t have access to Travel for Holiday because they can’t afford them. DUSN LIFESTYLE believes nothing should stand between you and your Holidays. The Help Program Fund is an Independent Project of Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) by Company. The program will help the public to create an Opportunity by making a change plan to Travel expenses and deductible in the profit-sharing bonuses method. Helping people to become SMART WORLD Entrepreneurs and Travel in the Smart World.

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